Kickboxing-Camp Denmark

Kickboxing-Camp in Denmark



During the camp you can test your athletic limits, maximize your endurance, lose some body fat, improve your flexibility and train your coordination.


In order to give the greatest possible benefit, the group is kept small to a maximum of 10 participants. The camp is suitable for every fitness level, there is no previous knowledge required.


As a fitness and personal trainer and with more than 10 years of experience in kickboxing K1 and Muay Thai, I will guide you professionally through the workshop. In addition, I will of course be at your side with advice and action outside of the training.


What can you expect in the kickboxing camp?

In a total of 7 hours of training you will learn the basic techniques of kickboxing or deepen your existing knowledge, benefiting from my years of experience in training and teaching.


We use equipment like sandbags and boxing pads, train indoor and outdoor. You’ll get intensive technique training, endurance training, combination exercises, partner exercises, free training and intensive stretching units. The group dynamic of the camp means that we motivate each other, push each other beyond our usual limits, and support each other after training. After each training session you will receive a wholesome, lovingly prepared vegetarian meal.


Your exciting training location – Grobund:

Our training location is called Grobund. A community of 160 people who have come together to buy a factory building, with the aim of living and working in a sustainable, waste and debt free community. While the community is still in the process of being created, the factory is already busy with people working and building. There are many interesting events taking place, for example the Byggefestival.


At Grobund we have our training area, eat together and have access to the bathroom and kitchen facilities. Grobund is located directly on a beach, which gives you the opportunity to soak up fresh sea air or brave the sea at any time.


If you’re interested, there is also the possibility to set up a tent and spend the weekend on site. Please contact me separately by email.



You can expect healthy and wholesome vegetarian meals and snacks every day, prepared with love from fresh organic vegetables. Water, soft drinks and coffee are available on the site.





16:30 meet and greet

17:00-18:30 training session

19:30 dinner



10:30-12:00 training session

13:00 lunch

15:30-16:30 intensive stretching

17:00-18:30 training session

19:30 dinner



10:30-12:00 training session

13:00 lunch



What should you bring with you?

Boxing gloves, bandages, skipping rope, gymnastic mat, sportswear and sports shoes.

If you do not have your own equipment, it’s possible to borrow, please just let me know the latest 5 days before the camp.




DKK 1.290,-



I’m looking forward to meeting you!